The Pork Court !!



Yes, all in one "all things pork" corral....... you can pick your favorite........ pork chops, pork burgers, ribs, pulled pork, bacon burgers and many other choices !!  Yes, those famous Tipton County Pork Festival chops are there as a vendor, but we will also have a lot of pork friends around us in the Pork Court !!  Lots of seating. 

Brett Curnutt, Festival President (Left) and Ray Tharp, Pork Chop Chief (middle), requested a police escort when bringing the secret pork chop recipe onto festival grounds.


If you are interested as a pork vendor in being in the Pork Court

click HERE to download an application or send an email for more information or send to or call or text at 317-220-2204



A Picture from a Festival Past........