In 1969, spouses of several local pork producers thought it would be a good idea to cook some pork chops and put on a festival to promote the product that supported the local economy.  So, they setup shop on the courthouse lawn and a festival was born!  Among those credited with organizing the first festival were Henrietta Larson, Nan Nash, Margaret Hinkle and Bobbie Kauffman.  We are a 501(c)(4) not for profit.  2017 is our 49th year !!

2018 Pork Festival Officers        

  • President Brett Curnutt      

  • Vice President Adinda Webster

  • Secretary Jackie Henry         

  • Treasurer Nicole Butler        
2018 Pork Festival Committees   

  • Arts & Crafts Marketplace

Brent Cardin Chair
Jackie Cardin 2nd Chair       

  • Art Show

Lana Kirtley, Chair

  • Brochure & Billboard Design

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair      

  • Chop Cook 

Ray Tharp, Chair  
Allen Tharp, 2nd Chair     

  • Electrician

Weston Burke, Chair 

  • Food Concessions/Commercial  

Mary Hopkins, Chair 317-440-8725        

  • Headquarters Tent

Christy Crawford, Chair
Chris McNew, 2nd Chair

  • Information Technology - IT

Joe Levell  Chair,   

  • Thursday Parade and Grand Saturday Parade

Melissa Henderson, Chair
Mandy Plake 2nd Chair

  • Grants

Mark Morris, Chair 

  • Grounds

Tommy Raquet, Chair 317-220-2204

Matt Schmitt, 2nd Chair
Isaiah Terrell, 2nd Chair

  • Main Stage Entertainment

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair    
Bob Delph, 2nd Chair  765-437-2073         

  • Marketing

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair 317-513-4086        

  • Merchandise Sales

Judy Burton, Chair 765-675-4777
Stephanie Campbell, 2nd Chair    

  • Pizza King Community Stage

Mary Hopkins, Chair 317-440-8725    
Joe Levell, 2nd Chair    

  • Pork Boy

Lisa Stokes-Bear, Chair 317-513-4086     

  • Pork Court

Tom Raquet Chair 317-220-2204     

  • Festival Setup/Clean Up 

Matt Schmitt, Chair

Isaiah Terrell, Chair  

  • Pork Festival Chop Booth

Tammy Carson, Chair
Kevin Mitchell, 2nd Chair 317-776-4700  
Beth Martin, 2nd Chair

  • Press/Photographer

Jackie Henry, Chair 

  • Princess-Queen Pageant and Baby Contest

Danielle Voorhis. Chair   
Taylor Martin, 2nd Chair

  • Publicity

Brett Curnutt, Chair  765.675.7434

  • Security

Korey Henderson, Chair 

  • Social Media/Announcements

Denny Altherr, Chair

  • Sound/Lights Production

Brett Ricketts, Chair

  • Sponsorships

Adinda Webster, Chair

  • Stage Production

Jerry Palmer, Chair     

  • Volunteers

Beth Altherr, Chair 

  • Website

Brent Cardin, Chair‚Äč

Tipton County Pork Festival

September 6,7,8, 2018

A Big Thank You to all the
businesses/organizations and city/county units that make the festival possible:

Tipton Tribune
Mayor's Office
City Council
County Commissioners
County Council

Tipton Utilities
TDS Telephone
City Police
County Sheriff's Office
Tipton Fire Department

Emergency Management
Seals EMS

Pork Fest Twitter