A Big Thank You to all the
businesses/organizations and city/county units that make the festival possible:

Tipton Tribune
Mayor's Office
City Council
County Commissioners
County Council

Tipton Utilities
TDS Telephone
City Police
County Sheriff's Office
Tipton Fire Department

Emergency Management
Seals EMS

Pork Fest Twitter

In 1969, spouses of several local pork producers thought it would be a good idea to cook some pork chops and put on a festival to promote the product that supported the local economy.  So, they setup shop on the courthouse lawn and a festival was born!  Among those credited with organizing the first festival were Henrietta Larson, Nan Nash, Margaret Hinkle and Bobbie Kauffman.  We are a 501(c)(4) not for profit.  2017 is our 49th year !!

2018 Pork Festival Officers        

  • President Brett Curnutt              


  • Vice President Adinda Webster  


  • Secretary Jackie Henry               


  • Treasurer Nicole Butler              

2018 Pork Festival Committees   

  • Arts & Crafts Marketplace

Brent Cardin Chair  cardinbrent@gmail.com
Jackie Cardin 2nd Chair  cardini1@aol.com       

  • Art Show

Lana Kirtley, Chair lanak@bluemarble.net

  • Brochure & Billboard Design

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair  lstokes@c21scheetz.com      

  • Chop Cook 

Ray Tharp, Chair  rapidray79@gmail.com  
Allen Tharp, 2nd Chair altharp3232@gmail.com     

  • Electrician

Weston Burke, Chair westonb82@gmail.com 

  • Food Concessions/Commercial  

Mary Hopkins, Chair 317-440-8725  hopkinsmary60@gmail.com        

  • Headquarters Tent

Christy Crawford, Chair  christycra@hotmail.com
Chris McNew, 2nd Chair chrismcnew1970@yahoo.com

  • Information Technology - IT

Joe Levell  Chair, jlev2.0@gmail.com   

  • Thursday Parade and Grand Saturday Parade

Melissa Henderson, Chair  mhendersoncml@yahoo.com
Mandy Plake 2nd Chair  mandyplake061413@gmail.com

  • Grants

Mark Morris, Chair markmorris1228@gmail.com 

  • Grounds

Tommy Raquet, Chair 317-220-2204 raquet42@gmail.com

Matt Schmitt, 2nd Chair
Isaiah Terrell, 2nd Chair  ICTBum@gmail.com

  • Main Stage Entertainment

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair lstokes@c21scheetz.com    
Bob Delph, 2nd Chair  765-437-2073  tiptonbluedevil@yahoo.com         

  • Marketing

Lisa Stokes Bear, Chair 317-513-4086 lstokes@c21scheetz.com        

  • Merchandise Sales

Judy Burton, Chair 765-675-4777 judyb@applegroup.com
Stephanie Campbell, 2nd Chair sncampbell@yahoo.com    

  • Pizza King Community Stage

Mary Hopkins, Chair 317-440-8725  hopkinsmary60@gmail.com    
Joe Levell, 2nd Chair jlev2.0@gmail.com    

  • Pork Boy

Lisa Stokes-Bear, Chair 317-513-4086 lstokes@c21scheetz.com     

  • Pork Court

Tom Raquet Chair 317-220-2204 raquet42@gmail.com     

  • Festival Setup/Clean Up 

Matt Schmitt, Chair

Isaiah Terrell, Chair  ICTBum@gmail.com  

  • Pork Festival Chop Booth

Tammy Carson, Chair tammycarson79@yahoo.com
Kevin Mitchell, 2nd Chair 317-776-4700  
Beth Martin, 2nd Chair altherr87@gmail.com

  • Press/Photographer

Jackie Henry, Chair jackieblue58@hotmail.com 

  • Princess-Queen Pageant and Baby Contest

Danielle Voorhis. Chair dvoorhis@tcsc.k12.in.us   
Taylor Martin, 2nd Chair taylmart@indiana.edu

  • Publicity

Brett Curnutt, Chair  765.675.7434 b.curnutt@comcast.net

  • Security

Korey Henderson, Chair   kprotectandserve@yahoo.com 

  • Social Media/Announcements

Denny Altherr, Chair   daltherr64@gmail.com

  • Sound/Lights Production

Brett Ricketts, Chair brettricketts@comcast.net

  • Sponsorships

Adinda Webster, Chair adindawebster@yahoo.com

  • Stage Production

Jerry Palmer, Chair     

  • Volunteers

Beth Altherr, Chair altherr87@gmail.com 

  • Website

Brent Cardin, Chair cardinbrent@gmail.com‚Äč

Tipton County Pork Festival

September 6,7,8, 2018